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Kindle Scout Pros and Cons and some valuable links

I received an email today from Amazon regarding Amazon Scout program. Not really knowing much about it, I began to “scout” around on the web for someone reputable who’s blogged about it and understands the ins and outs of important … Continue reading

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Low Prices DeValue books?

On the heels of my previous post via Smashworks, I’m posting this interesting post from over at Joe Konrath’s blog by authors Joe and Barry Eisler. They’ve usually got something interesting to say about self-publishing. In the early days when … Continue reading

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Smashwords Blog Post today, Pricing Kindle Books Free without being Exclusive

I’ve had Amazon send me a letter that they would remove X book if I didn’t take it off for free, which if you scroll back through my posts, you can find the issue I had where my book was … Continue reading

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Article on the benefits of Coloring Books!

Coloring Books are everywhere. I have 3 available now and more in the works. Mine are all related to coloring detailed and intricate Mandalas. If you do a search on Amazon or even physically walk into a book store, adult … Continue reading

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Interesting Post over at BookBub – Facebook Cover Photo Designs

New post by Diana Urban over at Bookbub. She’s got “39 Stellar Examples of Author Facebook Cover Photo Designs” with some pictures. Eye-catching, some of them more so than others. Not all of them would I consider “stellar”, but I … Continue reading

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Modifying Your Book Directly on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Whenever I make changes to any of my Kindle ebooks (Amazon says I have 40 something) then I generally make the changes in my file on my computer, rename the file because Amazon has this quirky thing (unless they’ve changed … Continue reading

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New Interview by Smashwords Founder Mark Coker

I have all my books available through Smashwords. In fact, I sell more books now through Smashwords and their distributors than I do through Amazon. My biggest selling retailer with Smashwords is actually Barnes and Noble, hands down. What would … Continue reading

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Book videos and book trailers

I’ve been preparing some book trailers/videos for my Detailed Mandala Coloring Book 1 and Book 2. However, Facebook keeps giving me a hard time with the music even though I believe I am correctly attributing the song, artist, etc. So … Continue reading

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Writing in Several Genres – is this you?

Please feel free to comment about your experience if as an author you write in several genres. Sometimes I think I’m a bit crazy as a writer, but honestly, I’m writing in any moment what interests me. I have 4 … Continue reading

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Working on Book videos yee haw

A bit time consuming, but having my “Mandala’s in Glorious Color” series available in video is something I feel is important for anyone who wants to see what’s actually inside! So that’s one of my projects this week. I have … Continue reading

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