“Be My Valentine” Coloring Book Giveaway NOW!!

Goodreads giveaway “Be My Valentine” Coloring Book. Go check it out and enter for free. The prize is a copy of my 130 page coloring book, “BE MY VALENTINE, ADULT COLORING BOOK: 25 VINTAGE VALENTINE POSTCARDS, Bonus Valentines to Color, Cut and Send.”

This coloring book has 25 GRAYSCALE postcards to color, plus 25 computer generated sketches of the same images and 20+ smaller images to color and gift! Enter today on Goodreads! It’s only going on for 6 days before a winner is chosen.



Goodreads Book Giveaway

Be My Valentine Adult Coloring Book by Grace Brannigan

Be My Valentine Adult Coloring Book

by Grace Brannigan

Giveaway ends February 15, 2016.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter Giveaway


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Win a copy of “Be My Valentine” Coloring Book in time for Valentine’s Day

The Simple Rules: Color a page or four of them if you like from my adult coloring book “Be My Valentine: 25 Vintage Valentine Postcards”. Also includes 20+ smaller images to color and gift or use in your crafty projects. It’s an event on Facebook today until 1/30/16 so you have to be logged in to see it. Link down below. My Facebook coloring page is Coloring Books For Adults Info.

There are some simple rules, but otherwise, hop on over and join the fun. Due to increased postage, US and Canada addresses only.

front cover valentine

Be My Valentine Colorfest Win a Copy!

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Writing Journals!

I’ve been having fun creating some new writing journals. 100+ lined pages to journal, write your thoughts or draw and sketch in the sketchbooks below with 100 blank pages! Photography by Elaine Warfield. I love creating new projects!

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Some new things to color

Some new coloring books on Amazon.

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New Adult Coloring Books in the Works

It’s almost the end of the year, and what a year it’s been.

I’ve been playing around all year with coloring books. It’s been a grand time. I’ve also uploaded sketchbooks, journals, diaries, color your own cover journals and sketchbooks. I love creating! I’m at 83 books but who’s counting?  Well, I should qualify that with…Amazon is counting.

My latest compilation is a combination of my photography and where I live. Scenic Catskill Mountains. Photographs to Color. What fun I had taking those pictures. The area is breathtaking to say the least. Scenic Catskill Mountains on Amazon


2nd cover choice


What’s really cool about this coloring book is it’s full color. I have included full color pictures inside to guide the colorist along their way as they color the photos.

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Monthly Paperback Giveaways on Goodreads

Do you know I always have giveaways going on over at Goodreads? I offer 1 romance giveaway, and usually a coloring book and/or children’s picture book. Check it out. Free to enter.

Here’s my author page on Goodreads. You have to be signed in to get there.Grace Brannigan on Goodreads

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Working on young adult time travel

Time Runners is the second in the series of young adult time travel. I have an entire series of romance time travel, Once Upon a Remembrance (free everywhere) Soulmates Through Time and Treasure So Rare. The series follows the Remington’s moving back and forth through time to find the loves of their loves.

My YA titles, Time Chaser and Time Runner, are not romances, but they are in a way off-shoots of the romance series. The YA titles, novellas, are about the children of the characters in each of the books. It’s been fun to write, but I’ve gotten a little side tracked this year as I worked on other projects so now I’m planning to finish Time Runner by January 1, if not before.

I’m easily sidetracked by new projects, and that’s been the case since March of this year. I began working on art-related writing projects which have been a load of fun. 16 Mandalas in Glorious Color, all fully colored Mandalas for your art projects. I’ve also been busy creating children’s picture books, and I began a series of coloring books, and last but not least, my writing and sketch book journal series. It’s been a load of fun creating these series, but now, back to the writing!

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