Detailed Mandala Coloring Book

I’m working on a new series which is totally fun for me. I have 16 Art in Color Books that are comprised of fully colored and illustrated sacred Mandalas that can be used for your art and craft projects.

Now, I’ve also put together my first Mandala coloring book. The Mandalas include backgrounds and are very detailed, more coloring fun! They’ll be available at Amazon sometime this week in paperback format. I was not going to do them in ebook format, but should I? Hmm. All my books are paperback and ebook, but wasn’t sure about this one. I mean, you can look at the pictures, but you obviously can’t color them unless you can print them out. So I will have to consider that option.

Here is the cover and some of the Mandalas in this coloring book.

Detailed Mandala Coloring Book 1


Mandala coloring book Grace Brannigan good988 good78799 maybe2

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Let’s Talk about the Faeries Lost Series and an opportunity to win 10 free ebooks

I thought I’d put a little information out about my books, beginning with the fantasy romance series, FAERIES LOST. If you like romance, faeries, fantasy and humans interacting with the world of the fae, you may enjoy these books. They were certainly fun to write.  I’d also like to offer 10 free ebooks to readers in your choice of format which can be downloaded from Smashwords. All I ask is an honest review at Amazon and Goodreads.

For this series I created a faerie world named Aisywel where everything is beautiful, blissful, gorgeous and serene. It coexists with the earth plane, but most humans aren’t aware of its existence.

The air temperature is always perfect for each individual faerie. Their flowers and food grow in rich organic black soils. There’s no such thing as being sad or wistful. The libraries of all time are at the fingertips of the fae. The fae are immortal and each faerie has their own unique soul gift. Sounds like a great place, eh?

Until the day Pandimora sees an elder commit a heinous act against one of their own.

Fearing for her immortal life, Pandimora flees her home and lands on the earth plane in the middle of a storm, right in the path of private investigator Drew.

The last thing Drew wants or needs is the near-dead delusional woman he finds out in the elements during a storm. He’s knee deep in an investigation that can’t wait, but he’s got to get her to a hospital fast. She’s been beaten and burned, that much he can tell. Drew deals in facts and the harsh realities of life, so when this flame-haired woman with the unusual eyes starts spouting about faeries …

Drew loads the injured woman in his vehicle and drives back toward town, but a dark cloud is following them. The woman convinces him that she can create an energy force to temporarily mask their whereabouts. Wondering if he’s out of his mind, Drew let’s her use his life force, as she calls it, to create this diversion. An explosion has him reversing direction, and she insists she’ll only be safe if he drives back to where he found her.

When they reach the original location, Pandimora jumps from the truck. Drew gets out in time to see a strange vortex open in the road. A little man urges Pandimora into the black hole just as Drew grabs her arm and they are all three sucked into the black vortex.

If you’d like the chance to win 1 of 10 free copies, please post a comment below! Grace

Find Me book one in Faeries Lost Series

Find Me book one in Faeries Lost Series

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What are your Thoughts on Book Piracy – Reblogged from Nicholas C. Rossis blog

Reblogged from Nicholas C. Rossis blog post today. No matter how you feel about book piracy as an author or reader, check it out. Some great article sites also listed for reference.

Nicholas C. Rossis Author

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Reblogged Dear Guy Who is Mad Because I wrote a gay character in a book

Love this post that an author, Chuck Wendig, wrote about “fan” mail he received from a “fan” who didn’t like one of his characters, who happened to be gay. This was in response to book 3 in the series, and book 2 and 1 came before, naturally, with the same characters.

Gay character in a book reblogged

By the way, the covers are phenomenal.

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Mark Coker’s Smashwords Tutorial on PUblishing ebooks

Great set of video tutorials from Mark Coker of Smashwords. Publishing your ebook on Smashwords. I use Smashwords to distribute my books everywhere except Amazon. I upload directly to Amazon.

In the beginning of uploading my books I sold more on Amazon, but now by far I sell more through Smashwords and all its outlets. Thanks Mark for another step forward and more information. People have complained about the meatgrinder but I rarely have any issues when uploading. At this point with 36 and counting ebooks (and paperbacks) I have made my own templates that I use for Smashwords based on Mark’s info on Smashwords.

How to Publish ebooks. Smashwords Tutorial

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Food for thought – Estate Planning Basics

Great post on estate planning for self-pubbed writers. This is a topic some writers might not think about.

Molly Greene Estate Planning Basis for the Self-Published Writer

Having worked myself previously for an attorney and worked solely on Estates for 12 years, it’s something I have worked at, to make sure whatever I have will be protected, and go to my heirs as I wish.

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All the Ways to Self-Publish A Book on Amazon

This will be an ongoing series. Yay. Reblogged from ALLI

ALLI Self Publishing Advice

Self-Publishing: How do we love thee? Let us count the ways.

Over the coming weeks, Orna Ross and Valerie Shanley are building the latest versions of ALLi’s How-To Guides to the most crucial publishing platforms for indie authors.

First up: who else? Amazon.

Please read the article at the link above. Nice summary.

My thoughts: Good summary. I wondered myself about the Amazon giveaway, but decided to stick with experimenting with the Goodreads giveaway instead for my paperbacks. More cost effective than Amazon and more control. Now that I’m familiar with Createspace and have the kinks worked out in uploading my books, it’s a bit easier. I upload a doc and find the system a bit clunky and repetitive. One thing that irks me is I have to keep putting in the finish for the book cover because it keeps going away, and sometimes after you use the cover creator to place your own graphics for front and back covers, you have to do that sometimes 2 or 3 times as it says it’s not ready. Overall, it works in the end and no money up front is of course attractive. I’ve found their support pretty quick to help with any issues. One time I forgot to put in all of the subtitle after the ISBN and everything went through and support fixed it for me. I publish on Amazon and tried the exclusivity in the beginning (2012) however, I no longer want to tie my books up in such a way. I also publish on Smashwords and make them available everywhere, and while in the beginning I was selling more on Amazon, I am by far selling more through Smashword channels.

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