Children’s Picture books

Yes, I’ve been a bit busy of late. Working on children’s picture books which for me is where it all began in the mid to late 1990’s! Non-fiction, Curious Kid’s Series, “Hey! Mr. Logger.” Available everywhere on every device, including paperback on Amazon.

Imagine That Kid’s Series. Fun and fantastical picture books. Hello, Guardian Angel, Jack’s Amazing (cool, fun, scary) Adventure, Whispered Dreams of Pretty Horses (all illustrations are hand-dyed art on silk! And more to come.

Whispered Dream cover with frame 320 resolution redokindleJacks cover 320 dpi

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Young Adult novella “Time Chaser” paperback giveaway

over at Goodreads. Hop on over and enter to win!

Time Chaser: Book 1: Fourteen-year-old William Remington comes from a long line of time travelers … he just doesn’t know it yet.

After finding an old tapestry that his father tried to burn, William is shocked by what the tapestry reveals. It shows him a life he knows nothing about. His own life. When he’s sucked into Middle Ages England, he must learn to survive on his wits.

There he meets Trea, a girl whose mother is captivated and held captive by a sorcerer and his book of spells. Trea has her own deadly secrets which might get both of them killed if they can’t find a way out of the maze of time they’re both stuck inside. With dragons in the skies, magical horses and an alternate universe, “Time Chaser” is a Young Adult time travel fantasy with a twist.

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Kristen Lamb’s Blog about Using a Pen Name food for thought!

Kristen Lamb’s Blog

Today we are going to talk about a somewhat touchy subject. The pen name. Before anyone gets in a fluff, understand two things. First, I’m on your side. Secondly, this is only a decision you can make. My goal here is to make sure you guys are making educated business decisions. Thus, I won’t stop anyone from having a pen name, but about 95% of the time? It’s unnecessary….

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Wishing on a Rodeo Moon paperback giveaway this month at Goodreads

Wishing on a Rodeo Moon by Grace Brannigan

Goodreads Giveaway for April

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Kindle Author eliminates need for real authors…… reblogged from Smashwords by Mark Coker

Makes you think!

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For Writers – The Difference Between flawed Characters and too dumb to live reblogged from Kristen Lamb

As writer’s we’re always trying to perfect the story, keep it exciting and at least moving forward.  We hope to create characters that live on in the reader’s imagination after the story is done. There’s a fine line you don’t want to cross, and that’s where your characters do stupid stuff, to put it plainly. There has to be a reason, a motivation to their action that makes sense, so the reader doesn’t toss your book against the wall.

Great post by Kristen Lamb regarding the same:

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David Gaughran’s post on Author Solutions and Nook Press a must read for indie authors

More scams to watch out for when outsourcing your self publishing. Check around the internet and know who you’re really dealing with. Scams are popping up everywhere, even under the guise of well-known publishers! Read David’s post about the latest on Author Solutions

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