Call to Arms – Jackie Weger’s take


Some wonderful information on book marketing. Meet Jackie Weger.

Originally posted on Nicholas C. Rossis:

Jackie Weger is more than an author of great romance novels; she’s a tireless supporter of Indies, both on her own and through her eNovel Authors at Work group.

Jackie has written a score of posts detailing her (rather extensive) marketing experience. As she includes the experience of the 50-odd authors in her group as well, this is an excellent resource for anyone interested in paid ads. As she puts it,

“eNovel keeps a Preferred List and on the Preferred List, we have Above the Fold and Below the Fold. On Above the Fold are promoters to whom we always submit. Below the Fold are promoters we like and trust, but sometimes do not deliver as well as hoped. If a single author reports dreadful results with a promoter, we note it. However, at least three or more authors have to report less than stellar results for a promoter to…

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Animals in the Woods at Night

New release, children’s non-fiction picture book “Animals in the Woods at Night” is now available on Amazon and ebook also available Amazon and everywhere else electronically. Interestingly, I just this moment received another invitation only from Amazon to send a notice about this book to my followers. I am of course going to take advantage of this, but I’d still like to know why. Anyway, here is the book which photographs of my original hand-dyed art on silk. Front cover, back cover. Some of the inside art is below.

Animals in the Woods at Night by Grace Brannigan

Animals in the Woods at Night by Grace Brannigan

Back cover

Back cover

Animals in the Woods at Night

original art “Animals in the Woods at Night” nonfiction

foxes bright mouse 300

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Amazon offered Me Amazon Follower by Invitation Only – So What Does This mean?

I have recently published 11 paperbacks in my Art In Color series. These are original one-of-a-kind “Mandalas in Glorious Color” created by me. 45 fully illustrated and colored Mandalas for crafting, art and for use in your sacred spaces in EACH book. 8.5 x 8.5″. So I have 11 thus far I formatted for Createspace. They are available on Amazon. I have published 2 in ebook format so far. Last week I received an email from Amazon asking me if I’d like to share the first ebook in the ebook series with my Amazon Followers. It stated this was by invitation only. Then yesterday I received the same email invitation for the 2nd ebook. My series is a unique little niche all by itself. Could that be the reason they are offering me this little bonus? Is anyone else offered this? What does it translate to in the bigger picture? I have no idea. Any feedback is appreciated. Needless to say this week I am going to continue to format for ebook in this Art in Color Series. I also asked Amazon if I could upload extra images since potential buyers can’t see what’s inside, only the first 3 pages. How can anyone be expected to buy without seeing the gorgeously colored images? :-) So it’s always a learning curve trying to figure this all out! Have not heard back from Amazon on that question yet.

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Hand dyed Art on Silk in Children’s Picture Books

Is anyone else doing this? I have no idea. The notion came to me to combine my hand-dyed silk art with my children’s books. So what I have done with two of my children’s picture books so far is combine the art with the books. I take pictures of the hand-dyed silk art and create a book around it.

It’s been a lot of work but also a lot of fun! “Whispered Dreams of Pretty Horses” was my first foray into combining the two mediums of silk art and picture books. Now today I also have a non-fiction picture book, “Animals in the Woods at Night” that is filled with illustrations of my art on silk, photographed for the book.

Animals in the Woods at Night by Grace Brannigan

Animals in the Woods at Night by Grace Brannigan

Back cover

Back cover

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Interesting Post by Nicholas C. Rossis about Book Marketing Results and Some Mandala Art

Hop on over to this blog to read some of the author’s book marketing results. He’s also supplied an Excel spreadsheet of the same.

Book Marketing Results

Also, here’s another tally on Book Advertising Sites compiled by C. Gockel. Book Advertising Sites

I’m working on targeted Facebook Ads for my new line of “Mandala Books in Glorious Color”. At this moment I have 11 editions out in paperback and I’m working on the ebook versions. If you’d like to stop by, please do. These books are fully illustrated, brilliant color and one of a kind, designed by me. :-)

Mandalas in Glorious Color on Amazon

Here’s a small sampling. Thanks for stopping by.

Mandala art

Mandalas in Glorious Color

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BookGorilla Author Pages for Free!!

Yes, is creating free author pages. My page just went live. I filled out a basic form and they did the rest. I do have to update with my newer books since I created 9 “Mandalas in Glorious Color” paperbacks this week. I have been busy.

450 one-of-a-kind Mandala designs for crafting, art work,your sacred space, however you choose to use them. I’m uploading all my original, new designs later in the week to society6, so you can get them on phones, tapestry, totes, pillows, wall art. Everything.

Or you can drop on buy amazon and get your own paperback copies. I will be creating ebooks this week also on Kindle and via Smashwords which means they will also be available on every electronic device known to man. I wasn’t sure I was going to so the electronic version, but I was asked if they were available in ebook format, so what the heck!!

Here’s my new BookGorilla page.  Grace Brannigan Author on BookGorialla

And here’s the latest on Amazon, a link to my “Mandalas in Glorious Color”, there will be 9 showing up by next week! Mandalas in Glorious Color on Amazon

Mandalas in Glorious Color Grace Brannigan cover final book 3 corrected cover final book 5 corrected final book 2 cover front corrected cover final book 6 corected front cover 8 corrected front cover 9

Here is where you can sign up for your own author BookGorilla page for FREE!! Authors sign up for your own FREE page

And here’s a little something extra. I’m going to be blogging more so I’m finding some cute/interesting/informative sites and/or blogs I want to share. Check out this week’s!

Make Your Own Comic Book Picture Frames from the Blog Husband and Husband (writers, artists, husbands) from Jonathan and Aaron Ferrara.

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June Goodreads Giveaway Whisper Me, Book 2 in the Faeries Lost series


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