For Writers – The Difference Between flawed Characters and too dumb to live reblogged from Kristen Lamb

As writer’s we’re always trying to perfect the story, keep it exciting and at least moving forward.  We hope to create characters that live on in the reader’s imagination after the story is done. There’s a fine line you don’t want to cross, and that’s where your characters do stupid stuff, to put it plainly. There has to be a reason, a motivation to their action that makes sense, so the reader doesn’t toss your book against the wall.

Great post by Kristen Lamb regarding the same:

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David Gaughran’s post on Author Solutions and Nook Press a must read for indie authors

More scams to watch out for when outsourcing your self publishing. Check around the internet and know who you’re really dealing with. Scams are popping up everywhere, even under the guise of well-known publishers! Read David’s post about the latest on Author Solutions

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Paperback Giveaway “Hear Me” on Goodreads and Read an ebook week on Smashwords!

The new paperback giveaway this month is “Hear Me” the last book in the Faeries Lost Trilogy. Kirklas and Sara’s story! You can enter to win the paperback but the ebook won’t be out until March 14th!

This week over at Smashwords is Read an Ebook Week, so I’m offering 50% off on all my romances (except pre-orders). Here’s the coupon to hop on over to my page and pick up your romance, in whatever format you read! RAE50

Grace Brannigan on Smashwords

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Twitter Announce a new deal with Google

Hop on over to Indies Unlimited to read about the deal. Your tweets are about to become even more relevant.

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February Paperback Giveaway on Goodreads – Echoes from the Past

February Paperback Giveaway on Goodreads

Beginning February 1. Enter to win today!

February Giveaway Enter today.

Enter today to win a copy of “Echoes from the Past” paperback. 5 copies will be given away this month. Click on the Enter to Win to the right.

About Echoes from the Past. A woman, a man and a child with nothing in common but their respective troubled pasts. Three wounded souls determined to survive alone until they realize all they need to heal is each other.

On the verge of a nervous breakdown, Christie reacts by running away, emotionally and physically. Down to her last twenty dollars, she’s determined to fulfill her dead sister’s last wish — to locate their sister Judith who left home twenty years before. Her quest brings her into the lives of Garrett, Judith’s husband, and the emotionally fragile Hannah, Judith’s daughter. Christie is devastated to learn Judith died two years before. When Christie insists on getting to know her niece, Garrett agrees on the condition she doesn’t reveal her identity. He hires her to work at his horse farm but what he doesn’t count on is the turmoil and hope Christie brings into their lives.

Christie’s own emotional journey forces her to come to terms with her family’s alcoholism and her perception of herself.

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Young Adult Time Travel Series “The Time Runners”

“Time Chaser”, the first book in a Young Adult time travel with a twist. New series entitled The Time Runners. Now available at Amazon and soon everywhere else for Pre-Order.

Time Chaser Young Adult by Grace Brannigan

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Goodreads Paperback Giveaway – Heartstealer – all this month!

Check it out. Click here.
Goodreads Giveaway-heartstealer

Jacie Turner, a professional stuntwoman, is afraid she’s lost her edge. Following an aerial stunt gone wrong and then her fiancé running out on her, she’s determined to restore her pride and her life.

Needing time away from well-meaning family, she accepts a skydiving job at Timber Falls in the Catskill Mountains. When Jacie meets one of the resort owners Sloan Wright, sparks fly. He is a man who will tempt her, love her and possibly change her forever.

Sloan recognizes fun loving Jacie as the type of woman who could disrupt his well ordered life, if he allowed it. As they get to know each other, he delves into Jacie’s past while she begins to peel away the layers that keep him locked behind a wall of reserve. If they can trust who they really are, then the future holds unlimited possibilities.

When accidents begin to plague the resort, they have to work quickly to solve the deepening mystery before the consequences become fatal…to Jacie

Enter to win. Anyone located in the US or Canada. Click on over to Goodreads and enter today!

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