Creating a Universal URL for your Kindle book on Amazon Reblogged from Jo Michaels Blog

Here’s a fantastic idea. I’m in the process of updating the links in my Kindle books so readers can find my other books to read. Author Jo Michaels has written an excellent post over at her blog about how to get a “universal” URL link created so no matter what country someone is located in, they will be directed to the correct Kindle store from your book! This is way above cool. Thanks Jo for a great, informative post.  Here’s Jo’s blog post.

Jo Michaels’ blog

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Advertising and Marketing Info for Authors – Some links

The magic question. Where and how to effectively advertise to get the most for your dollar. What kind of exposure would you as an author like for your books and/or product? How do you discover an effective means that lets potential buyers and readers know about you?

It’s the hottest topic I see in seminars, podcasts and online classes right now. Who wouldn’t enjoy more sales or even their first sale, depending upon how long you’ve been in this game. I have been writing a long time. There’s so much going on in social media, you could literally drive yourself crazy trying to hit it all. I decided to stick to two basic advertising mediums. I use Goodreads advertising/giveaways and Facebook. Both require time and effort. Facebook alone could be a part time job to test, research, try new ads, see if they work. It’s all time consuming and takes away from the creation part, which of course is what I’d rather be doing.

You as the author know your books and hopefully your audience. So here are some links to what I’ve found are some useful advertising and marketing strategies that have worked for others.

Using Facebook Advertising with Mark Dawson at The Author Biz

Lindsay Buroker on Goodreads Giveaway and Book Promotion

Even though this link is a few years old, I think it’s still relevant. Jane Friedman Goodreads tips

And last, where else would you start with Facebook than their business page. Facebook Business Page

I have a new Facebook page for my coloring books and I intend to also set up a twitter account for the same. I’m still getting it organized, but hop on over and like the page. My latest Goodreads giveaway will be posted plus new publications!  ColoringBooksForAdultsInfo on Facebook

Coloring Books for Adults

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Kindle Scout Pros and Cons and some valuable links

I received an email today from Amazon regarding Amazon Scout program. Not really knowing much about it, I began to “scout” around on the web for someone reputable who’s blogged about it and understands the ins and outs of important rights in these matters. So I’m listing a few links below with various viewpoints.

I love finding new sources of information.

Potential Landmines of Kindle Scout by M.A. Demers

Writer’s Beware

The Digital Reader

Chris McMullen

One Author’s experience with Kindle Scout

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Low Prices DeValue books?

On the heels of my previous post via Smashworks, I’m posting this interesting post from over at Joe Konrath’s blog by authors Joe and Barry Eisler. They’ve usually got something interesting to say about self-publishing. In the early days when I first got back into self-publishing I went through a multitude of Joe’s posts to learn about the newer techniques of the self-publishing business.

Joe Konrath

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Smashwords Blog Post today, Pricing Kindle Books Free without being Exclusive

I’ve had Amazon send me a letter that they would remove X book if I didn’t take it off for free, which if you scroll back through my posts, you can find the issue I had where my book was available on Barnes and Noble through Smashwords and for some reason B&N in Great Britain priced it at free for about 10 months or something. I had nothing to do with it but Amazon was not happy. Go figure. So I always wondered how other authors did the free thing without being penalized. So now Smashwords has done this lovely blog post about the strategy which I’m going to try out for myself since I don’t like getting in trouble and I do like having my books on Amazon and everywhere else! And by the way I now have 4 Coloring Books for Adults available in paperback. So I am debating about making them available as ebooks, again free on Amazon (through the matchbook program) buy the paperback, get the ebook free, then people can see the lovely detailed Mandalas I’ve created. I did not use anyone else’s designs. I did not manipulate anyone’s designs, these are all created on my computer by me. :-)

Pricing Kindle Books to FREE without being Exclusive

coloring book on amazon coloring book by grace brannigan

Coloring Book for Adults Grace Brannigan front cover coloring book 1 with border new cover

Grace Brannigan Coloring Books for Adults on Amazon

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Article on the benefits of Coloring Books!

Coloring Books are everywhere. I have 3 available now and more in the works. Mine are all related to coloring detailed and intricate Mandalas. If you do a search on Amazon or even physically walk into a book store, adult coloring books are everywhere!

This article talks about the benefits of adult coloring books. De-stress, low anxiety and lots of fun creating color on the page! Benefits of Coloring Books

My coloring books on Amazon. 45 detailed Mandalas to color in each book. Detailed Mandala Coloring Book on Amazon

coloring book by grace brannigan

coloring book by grace brannigancoloring book on amazon

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Interesting Post over at BookBub – Facebook Cover Photo Designs

New post by Diana Urban over at Bookbub. She’s got “39 Stellar Examples of Author Facebook Cover Photo Designs” with some pictures. Eye-catching, some of them more so than others. Not all of them would I consider “stellar”, but I don’t consider mine stellar either. I write in too many genres to have a specific cover for just one category. Here you go, check it out and make your own decision about it.

Facebook Cover Photo Designs

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