Excerpt Find Me, Book 1 in Faeries Lost Series

find me by grace brannigan“I need to return to where you found me,” she said.

“Dell’s Bridge? There’s nothing out there.”

She pushed to her feet in determination, gripping the chair’s arm. In the light her eyes appeared black. “The darkness will overpower both of us,” she said quietly. “You must leave before you become involved.”

“I’m already involved,” he said grimly. “I’m not leaving you exposed here.”

“You should have left me out there.”

Drew’s adrenaline raced.

“Is this gang related or is it about organized crime?”

He stared at her in surprise as her lips curved in amusement. “Nothing so tame.”

“Then tell me.”

She threw up her hands in exasperation. “I stumbled upon a terrible secret and in trying to escape, an Aisywel elder tried to kill me.” She looked away and he noted the faint tremor of her shoulders.

“Where is Aisywel?”

She spoke slowly, as if testing his reaction. “Aisywel is where the faeries live. Aisywel is — was — my home.”

Drew stepped back. He hadn’t seen that one coming. “You’re a faerie?” He rubbed his forehead, wondering if she was she suffering from delusions.

Her expression turned belligerent. “Yes. You don’t believe me,” she said flatly.

“You have to admit that’s an unusual answer.”

She tilted a dark brow. ‘Not for me.”

“And an elder in Aisywel tried to kill you? What kind of place is this?”

“Aisywel is a place of great joy and light,” she said quietly, proudly, then added hesitantly, “At least it always had been.”

About gracebranniganauthor

I am an author living in the Catskill Mountains of New York. I write strong women into contemporary romance and time travel romance. I also write romance shorts, faerie romances, Young Adult time travels with a twist, children's picture books and Mandala Art and coloring books! Obviously, I like diversity. http://www.gracebrannigan.com
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