Finding the Words to Make the Story

I’ve been writing a very long time, and each time a book is completed, there’s an adjustment period where it’s still sitting in my thoughts. There’s a sense of living the story while writing it. You’ve lived with these characters, struggled over their story at times, and then it’s hard to let them go. So, I guess that’s why I have a trilogy, with bits and pieces of each story carried into the next. Everyone wants to know that the characters you just finished reading about, that you invested time in reading about, actually go on and do have a great life. Ah, storybook romance.

Sometimes an entire story is based on a dream I had, or two dreams. Or something happens one day and I think, story idea. I’ve learned to write down the bare bones of the idea because then sometimes it just goes away if I don’t document the idea somehow.

In Soulmates Through Time, Book 2 Women of Strength trilogy. Elise travels back in time to find Darien, the man she loved at 15. She’s no longer a young girl, but now at 39 years old she has raised her daughter and is well adapted to modern times.  Even so, she’s always looked back in time to the man she left in 1822. When she stumbles upon the way back, it’s her opportunity to see if he still loves her, if she still loves him, or if it was just a romantic fantasy she yearned after as a 15-year old. And yes, she needs to tell him he has a daughter.

How do you tell someone you’ve lived the last 20+ years in another century….

About gracebranniganauthor

I am an author living in the Catskill Mountains of New York. I write strong women into contemporary romance and time travel romance. I also write romance shorts, faerie romances, Young Adult time travels with a twist, children's picture books and Mandala Art and coloring books! Obviously, I like diversity.
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