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M. Louisa Locke

Well, Amazon announced its new Kindles devices this week, and the first of the new Kindle Fire HD devices ship as early as next week, with the rest rolling out in October and the end of November. There is no telling at this point how many of these new devises will be bought as upgrades or additions by people who already have Kindles, but if the past two holiday sales patterns are any indication, authors should expect a growing number of new users to start looking for Kindle books over the next few months, culminating in a book buying frenzy in the months after Christmas. At least that is my hope.

In December 2009, my first book, Maids of Misfortune, had just been published, my Kindle sales were miniscule, and unless you typed in “Victorian mystery” as a key word search, you probably wouldn’t have found my book anywhere…

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About gracebranniganauthor

I am an author living in the Catskill Mountains of New York. I write strong women into contemporary romance and time travel romance. I also write romance shorts, faerie romances, Young Adult time travels with a twist, children's picture books and Mandala Art and coloring books! Obviously, I like diversity.
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