Time Travel Romance Collection Now Available

Everywhere! Amazon Kindle and also iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Diesel, etc. etc. Check out my website for all the links. Below I have listed iTunes and Amazon. 3Full Romances!

Time Travel Romance Collection by Grace Brannigan
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Fantastic Post on the What’s Rotten in Publishing Reblogged from David Gaughran

David keeps us all informed on the BS in the publishing industry. Another great post about how some big publishers are scamming authors! A must read just to keep informed what’s going on in the industry.


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Cowboy Collection (4 full length romances) now available everywhere

Cowboy Romance Collection, 4 full length cowboy romances, now available everywhere in ebook format. Amazon. Kobo. iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Diesel. For a full list and links check out my website, http://www.GraceBrannigan.com

At Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/Cowboy-Collection-Women-Character-Brannigan-ebook/dp/B00MWK869S/

iTunes Bookstore: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/cowboy-collection/id910740116?mt=11

grace brannigan cowboy collection

Grace Brannigan Cowboy Collection Now Available

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A Repost from David Gaughran on Amazon v Hachette

Fact based information on the Amazon vs. Hachette publisher dispute. There’s a lot of misinformation out there but I go to industry/publishing leaders who present facts in a logical manner such as David Gaughran.


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The 99 cent special on first title in the series

“Once Upon a Remembrance”, time travel, “Find Me”, fantasy romance and “Echoes From the Past”, western contemporary romance, on sale for a while at $.99 at Amazon and all outlets. Go to my website and use the links to be taken directly to your favorite seller and get your copies today.




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“Hear Me”, book 3 in the Faeries Lost trilogy, cover

This is Kirklas’ story.

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Excellent Blog post from Smashwords about Pre-Order books

This is a very good post from Smashwords’ Mark Coker about the advantages of pre-order for ebooks on Smashwords site. Check out this link.

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